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Most consumers rely on consumer reports whether by word of mouth or their friends’ referrals when they are making buying decisions. These reports bear a lot of information that eases their minds. First of all, by listening to a trusted friend’s feedback about a given seller, you can trust it just because you can relate to their experience.

Although the consumer report magazine was big, and is still big for informing consumers about goods, service providers and suppliers in the market, the rise of the Internet has changed the ball game. Nowadays, Internet buyers want real time consumer reports when all they need is a credit card and product/service. Many companies have heeded to this call and that’s why many of them continue to thrive in a competitive environment. These include companies like Amazon which have roving customer reviews to help new and potential buyers get sellers they can trust.

Essay writing companies serve student consumers but lack these types of reports; students mainly buy from them based on their out missing out on the need for consumer reports.

Students as consumers

However one would like to look at it, just because a student is buying an essay online doesn’t mean that they should not be given consumer reports. As a matter of fact, these students need consumer reports so that they can differentiate between essay writing companies. At the end of the day, not all suppliers or essay writing service providers are going to act robotic and give the right service to students. Experience between companies can help them shop better and safely, with consumer reports in their industries.

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Why we must review essay writing companies

Students spend a good chunk of their money buying essays. A lot of the essay writing companies they wish to buy from not only exist to collect their check, some don’t have the capacity to deliver. This doesn’t mean that all essay writing companies are scams, only a few of them are. By reviewing these companies in an open place, and accommodating feedback from them, one can easily spot the difference between service providers. This is what does.

How it works

We continuously ask our users who’re largely students who’ve used essay companies to share their experiences with their peers through our rating system as well as the comment section. We also write reviews about essay companies students have used to give them a better understanding about the products, services and companies they spend on.